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Welcome to Houston In Home Dog Training, we offer the best Houston dog training at the most affordable rates and have been training and in the dog business for 14 years. Houston in home dog-training owners Martin and Shelly Bell have been training dogs in Houston since 1997.

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We have won National Dog Championships and been awarded trainers of the year many times.  We have trained thousands of dogs and their owners and developed our 20-acre dog park facility to make Houston dog training fun for dogs and owners.

What Breeds does Houston Dog Training Train?

Houston in home dog training trains all breeds and sizes of dogs – from Shih Tzu’s to Great Danes – for basic dog obedience so you can walk them with ease and pleasure as well as a through implementation of house training to ensure your life with your dog is enjoyable.

Who is Houston Dog Training?

Houston Dog Training is owned and operated by Martin and Shelly Bell. We have a combined 30-year working knowledge in the dog industry, specifically dog training, from field trial competitors to faithful companions. We have authored a number of published articles on Houston dog training, dog events and dog training manuals. Our main belief is that basic dog obedience is about instilling basic commands in a dog in a positive learning environment that will enable you, the owner, to achieve many goals with your dog with time and dedication. In our opinion all dogs need an active lifestyle – we encourage swimming and retrieving as part of Houston dog training, giving the owner the tools to properly exercise their dog’s mind and body. It is just as important for small breed dogs as it is for large breed dogs. Because of their small size many owners overlook their small dog’s bad behavior as well as not putting as much time and energy into training their small breed dog as they should. This lack of training can lead to a number of behavior problems including aggression, pushiness, and incessant barking.  These small breed dogsenjoy a run and swim in the lake every bit as much as the larger breed dogs.  We encourage them to have fun, relax and learn in a positive dog-training environment.

Houston Dog Training – The very best facility for your dog

Houston In Home Dog Training has a training facility that is the very best available in Houston Dog training.  We have 20 acres, all high fenced for your dog’s safety as well as a 1-acre lake for them to relax and swim in.  We also have play areas, exercising runs and training fields with miles of mowed dog friendly pathways as well as acres of many different types of native prairie grasses to explore and sniff out rabbits and quail.   Our multiple exercise runs allow us to create appropriate size and age related packs of dogs for proper controlled dog training socialization. Houston Dog Training is about the effort put into training your dog.  All our programs are built to create positive behaviors in both dogs and then we teach owners how to implement and maintain these behaviors.

Houston Dog Training Programs

Board and Train

Ever wish you could send your dog to a Houston Board and train expert? When your dog came back home, he or she would be well trained, great on or off leash, pay attention to you instead of everything else on your walks and not lose their cool when the doorbell rings? Dog Training at Houston Board and Train is that great place. We exist, and we can help you and your dog. We have helped thousands of dog owners with their Houston Board and Train needs for the past 14 years. See our BOARD AND TRAIN PAGE HERE.

Private Lessons

We also offer private 1-hour lessons at your place or ours. We have the facility and the knowledge to help you with any problems you and your pet are having with dog training, dog obedience training and even dog behavior problem solving. We sell lessons initially in packages of 3. First lesson will be assessing the behavior of your dog and starting to implement obedience on leash. Teaching you how to handle your dog on leash. Second lesson is a continuation of the first lesson with a focus on keeping your dogs attention during training, fast and slow heeling, sit/stay and graduating to off leash preparation. The third lesson involves cementing together the Houston dog training we have already learnt then allowing your dog a run off leash. Depending on the dog and the issues this is our basic 3-lesson plan. We will accomplish off leash and on leash work as well as incorporating other dogs and testing your dog during times of distraction.