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Houston in home dog-training owners Martin and Shelly Bell have been training dogs in Houston since 1997.

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We have won National Dog Championships and been awarded trainers of the year many times. We have trained thousands of dogs and their owners and developed our 20-acre dog park facility to make Houston dog training fun for dogs and owners.

What Breeds does Houston Dog Training Train?

Houston in home dog training trains all breeds and sizes of dogs – from Shih Tzu’s to Great Danes – for basic dog obedience so you can walk them with ease and pleasure as well as a through implementation of house training to ensure your life with your dog is enjoyable....

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Houston Dog Training – The very best facility for your dog

Houston In Home Dog Training has a training facility that is the very best available in Houston Dog training. We have 20 acres, all high fenced for your dog’s safety as well as a 1-acre lake for them to relax and swim in. We also have play areas, exercising runs and training fields with miles of mowed dog friendly pathways as well as acres of many different types of native prairie grasses to explore and sniff out rabbits and...

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Who is Houston Dog Training?

Houston Dog Training is owned and operated by Martin and Shelly Bell. We have a combined 30-year working knowledge in the dog industry, specifically dog training, from field trial competitors to faithful companions. We have authored a number of published articles on Houston dog training, dog events and dog training manuals....

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